Tuesday, May 31, 2016

#5 Water Drops

Today's game is Water Drops.  There are at least 20 levels to this game.  You should be able to get more than half of the levels completed.  As always do a screen shot of your highest level completed and email it to me (misterwalske@gmail.com).  If you finish 12 levels and you want to go back to IsoBall, you can.  Make sure you send me a screenshot of the 12th level screen.

Friday, May 27, 2016

#4 IsoBall

Today's Coolmathgame is IsoBall.  At the end of class today, do a screenshot (on the Macs- shift/apple/4 and then drag over the area you want copied) of your highest level completed and send it to me in an email.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

#3 B-cubed

Today's game is B-cubed

There are 30 different levels.  You should finish at least the first 20 levels.  Some of you might be able to finish all 30.  With all the ads and background stuff going on with this site, you will experience some lag time occasionally.  It comes and goes.

As with all of these games at the end of class, email me the level number and the passcode for your highest level.

FYI- I finished 20 levels in about 15 minutes including the annoying lag times.

Bonus assignment- The Rubik's Cube

This bonus assignment is worth 2 assignments.  Only one person can attempt this at a time.  I will provide you with a cube and a website that will give you step by step instructions on how to  solve the Rubik's Cube.  The people that are able to solve the cube in seconds have memorized these different sequences to solve the cube.

You do not have to memorize.  All you have to do is read and follow the instructions.  I will give you a mixed up cube.  When you solve it, return it to me and you will get credit for 2 of the 19 assignments necessary to earn 5 credits in this class.  If you break my cube, you will have to replace it with a new one ($9.99 at Target).

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#2 Bloxorz

Click here to get to today's assignment.

You will be playing Bloxorz.  There are 33 different levels to complete.  If you complete all the levels before the period ends, you will get "free" time.  If you do not complete all 33 levels, you will email me the passcode (misterwalske@gmail.com) for the highest level that you complete.

Monday, May 23, 2016

#1 Sudoku and Ken Ken

Sudoku is a logic based number placement puzzle.  Ken Ken is an arithmetic based number placement puzzle.  For assignment #1, you are to complete 2 Ken Ken and 2 Sudoku puzzles.

You are given 4 Sudoku puzzles, but you only have to complete 2.  You can work together with other classmates.  If you finish early you can have "free time."  You must turn in your completed page (2-sided) to be corrected before you are finished.


There are 22 school days in this part of the wheel.  This wheel has been changed from "Intro to Computers" to "Math Skills."

There will be 19 different daily assigned activities (sets of activities, projects, exercises, puzzles, online games, etc.).  You must complete all 19 different daily activity sets to earn 5 credits for this part of the wheel.  If you finish with all 19 in 19 days, then you will not have to attend fifth period during the last week of school (with parent permission).

If you do not complete all 19 different daily activity sets by June 22nd (the last day of school), then you will earn zero (0) credits for this part of the wheel.

Start Up Tasks

1.  Sign in to your Email Account (create a Google Account if necessary).
2.  Email me (misterwalske@gmail.com) from this account.
     subject- Your first and last name
body-  "I understand that I must correctly complete all 19 assignments by the last day of this class (June 22, 2016) to earn the 5 credits in this class.  If I do not complete everything, then I will not earn any credit."