Tuesday, June 7, 2016

#10 Shrink It/Shrink It Falling

Today's games are Shrink It and Shrink It Falling  There are 20 levels in each and you need to finish all 40 for this assignment.  In the email that you send me attach screenshots of the last level and the "congradulations you beat the game" screen (see examples below).  That is 4 total screen shots in 1 email (attach all 4 screenshots to 1 email).  I like how they incorrectly spelled "congratulations."

It will not take you the entire period to do this.  This is good because most of you are not getting any credits at this point because you are missing assignments.  Go on schoolloop to see what you are missing.  Read the directions for any missing assignments, and send the necessary emails to me (so that I can give you a grade for those missing assignments).

If you are completely caught up, then go back to one of our previous games ( B-cubedIsoBall, Water Drops, Liquid Measure 3, BlockageBlocks) and try to complete it.

There is also a bonus assignment if you want to try that.

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