Friday, June 10, 2016


Today's assignment is #13 out of 19 assignments. 

The following students are currently earning zero credits in this class.

Jennifer  missing 7 assignments
Michael missing 7 assignments
Joshua missing 6 assignments
Chase missing 4 assignments
Juan C. missing 3 assignments
Juan O. missing 3 assignments
Brayan Q. missing 3 assignments
Brayan G. missing 1 assignment
Sabrina missing 1 assignment

Keep in mind that you all sent me an email that stated the following:

"I understand that I must correctly complete all 19 assignments by the last day of this class (June 22, 2016) to earn the 5 credits in this class.  If I do not complete everything, then I will not earn any credit."

Every assignment description details what you need to do and what you need to email to me to complete the assignment.  If you are required to email more than one screenshot to complete an assignment, then only send 1 email with all of the required screenshots attached.

Sending pictures taken from your phone will not be accepted.  All computers (tablets as well) do screenshots.  5 credits are on the line.  If you want the credits, then you need to complete all of the assignments.

To complete an assignment from home
1)  You must complete the game (finish all the levels) or spend at least 50 minutes completing as many levels as possible.
2)  Screenshot the required thing(s) detailed in the assignment's description
3)  Email me with the required screenshot(s) attached

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